Do you have questions about NLHG or the website that you need help with? Look through our administrative contact list below to find the right person to contact to get the help you need!

Local Chapter membership & Webpage Support

Linda Oliveira
Linda helps with Membership questions and also assists Chapters in setting up their local Chapter webpage on our site!
She watches our email address for incoming questions and also helps Local Chapters maintain their passwords and gmail access.
If you have administrative log-in questions, or need help to update your membership information in your profile, she's the person to ask!

Mentor Coordinator & Membership Cards

Esther Arkfield
Esther is the new Chapter coordinator, who mentors new Chapters as they get started. She is a great resource of information and encouragement as she has started her own local Chapter! She also prints our National membership cards and mails them out once a month.

Wild Apricot Member Management Website Administrator

Jennifer Reed
Jennifer sets up all the pages and tools a new Local Chapter needs on the Wild Apricot member management website to help their Chapter succeed. She is available for tricky membership management questions, and other technical questions and issues with the website. She also provides training to the National and Local Boards on administrative website usage.


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