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West Bonner COUNTY, Idaho

Welcome to the new West Bonner County Chapter of NLHG in Idaho!
Please email us at westbonnerid@nlhg.org to find out more about our Gathering dates and times and any upcoming events!  

If a Gathering date doesn't work for you, join in on our Facebook page for a Live Stream of the lesson and real time interaction.

Upcoming Events


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The 2018 LHG West Bonner County Chapter Board

President: Lorinda Barnes 

Vice President: 

Treasurer: Amy Hamill

Secretary: Lisa Johnson

Lisa JohnsonAmy Hamill

Community Coordinator: Amber Barnes

Education Coordinator: Allison Morosini

Outreach Coordinator: Miranda Johnson

Community Project: West Bonner Food Bank 

Contact us at: westbonnerid@nlhg.org

Topics For 2018

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The National Ladies Homestead Gathering provides a welcoming environment, where women can share new ideas,
celebrate victories, address challenges, while cultivating community with like-minded women.
All women are welcome who have a dream, calling, or desire to be more self-reliant.
Whether their homesteads are in the planning phase or well established,
we believe all women have something to contribute or gain from coming together.

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